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The Quilt Zone is Closing - November 2018

The Quilt Zone lease is up in October and I have decided not to renew the lease. So we will be closing the Quilt Zone by November. It’s hard for me to express how very sad this makes me feel. I love the store, I have wonderful staff and teachers and great customers. But age is beginning to catch up with me (and my staff) and family needs and travel wants mean I just can’t make a long term commitment to the business. It was a difficult decision, I feel a great sense of loss, but it is time.

Quilt Sale Class Sale Fall 2018

Summer must be coming to an end. The quilt stores are having their class sales and there are too many ripe raspberries to pick. Raspberries are a wonderful example of nature’s power. You clean them out and cut them down in the spring. Ignore them for 4 months – don’t weed, don’t fertilize, don’t wonder if they are getting enough water. And before you know it there is a dense prickly thicket taller than your head loaded with gallons of delicious berries for you to turn into scones or jam or ice cream topping. It’s like magic.

Quilt Zone Row By Row - Summer 2018

Alaska's Flag Song Quilt Zone 2018 Row for the Row by Row Experience

This is our 2018 Row – Alaska’s Flag Song, 8 Stars of Gold on a Field of Blue.

This quilt celebrates the simple beauty of the Alaska Flag and the wonderful lyrics of the Alaska's Flag Song.

The Flag was designed by Benny Benson, a 13 year old Alaska Native who won a territorial contest in 1927 to design a flag for the Territory.

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