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Quilt Zone Closing Mystery

It’s starting to look empty in the Quilt Zone. Kinda spooky, maybe mysterious – like where did all this stuff go? Maybe it’s time for a Quilt Zone Mystery.

I’ve wanted to do another mystery for a long time – but just didn’t have time to design one. I have one ready to go now, just in time to say goodbye.

Several different names for this mystery occurred to me while I was working on the quilt:
“Xs & Os” Because the pattern kind of looks like X and O.
Or maybe “Hugs and Kisses” (an X & O translation) because fond farewells often call for hugs and kisses.
Or maybe “Crosses and Losses” because X is like a cross and O is like zero or a loss, and closing the Quilt Zone is a loss.
But in the end I decided on a simple, factual name – Quilt Zone Closing Mystery.
Let’s just get together one last time in a mostly empty store and sew and visit and eat and have a good time.

So here is the scoop. This is a modern (as opposed to traditional) looking quilt. There is quite a bit of negative space. There are no half square triangles, and no flying geese (cool, huh?) The quilt is made with strip piecing and then cutting the strips into various shapes and sizes and sewing them back together. My quilt has no borders and finishes at about 54” by 73”.

The Quilt Zone Closing Mystery is scheduled for Friday, November 2 from 10am to 6pm OR
Saturday, November 3 from 10am to 6pm.
If we get lots of interest we may try and schedule another session on Sunday, November 4. The cost for the class is $75 and includes a catered box lunch.

If you are interested call the Quilt Zone at 561-2020 and make your reservation.

The Quilt Zone isn’t totally empty yet - there is lots of first rate fabric at 50% off regular price. I hope you can come in soon and find some great fabrics you just can’t pass up.


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